“Israel and the Palestinians: ending the stalemate” Por Caroline B. Glick (THE JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL SECURITY AFFAIRS, 2008, nro. 15)

“Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s July 30, 2008, announcement of his intention to resign from office and the recent upsurge in internecine violence between Hamas and Fatah operatives in Gaza has thrown a monkey wrench in the Bush administration’s goal of seeing Israel and the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority sign a peace treaty laying out the borders and powers of a Palestinian state by the end of 2008. But even in the unlikely event that such an agreement is reached, far from stabilizing Israel’s relationship with the Palestinians, it will likely have either no impact on the Palestinian conflict with Israel, or a profoundly negative one.

Para ver nota completa, téngase a bien ingresar en: http://www.securityaffairs.org/issues/2008/15/glick.php



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